Summit Media states that the information presented on-air and/or online by Rock and Recovery and rockandrecovery.com is intended to provide broad understanding and knowledge about various issues and conditions discussed.

All the information is intended for general knowledge and for educational purposes only. It is not aimed at any specific person and is not a substitute for medical or health care provider advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Any information presented on-air or online by Rock and Recovery and rockandrecovery.com does not create a professional relationship between you, the listener, and any physician or other individual or institutional health care provider. Summit Media is not a health care provider: it does not employ any physician or health care provider: and it does not control the educational information, resources, or opinions stated by program guests.

We do not recommend self-management of health problems. We cannot and will not give you any individual medical or health professional advice. If you have any health related questions, consult your physician or health care provider.

The information obtained from Rock and Recovery is not exhaustive and does not cover all aspects of the diseases, ailments, physical conditions or their diagnosis and treatment.

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