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Alison Malmon - lost her brother to suicide. She is now the Executive Director of Active Minds, Her mission: to break down stigma and start the conversation about mental health issues affecting young adults on college campuses.

Curtis - was trapped in addiction. He wanted help to stop using. His trouble with the law led to intervention and a new direction for him to reclaim his life.

David - was caught in the cycle of recovery and relapse, until the tragic loss of his friend to heroine overdose made him see his way to get clean and stay clean.

David Peacock - directs the Valor Home in northeast Ohio for homeless vets trying to find a new life in recovery.

Dr. Sarah Friebert - the director of pediatric palliative care at Akron Children's Hospital in Akron,Ohio. She offers insights on the grief at the loss of a child.

Frank Martin - veteran who shares his journey and story with battling addiction.

James Young - Since the 1970's, James Young has been playing guitar and singing with the band Styx. Through all of their changes, he has become a true rock n' roll survivor.

Jason Isbell - singer/songwriter and recently a recovering alcoholic. He shares how he feels living sober.

John Schluep - a pastor and veteran who directs Warrior's Journey Home, a program of spiritual healing to help vets who are coping with PTSD.

John Stuckey - Dan and Jan Stuckey are the parents of John, an addict. They are helping their son in his recovery by starting the ARCHway instistute to support recovery of mental health and addictive disorders.

Jorma Kaukonan - World renown musician Jorma Kaukonan of Jefferson Airplane, Starship, and Hot Tuna is also a recovering alcoholic and addict. He shares his music and sobriety with other musicians at his Fur Peace Ranch resort.

Joseph Arthur - musician and artist who has been trying to live clean and sober for more than 20 years.

Judge Terin Heath - presides over the Honor Court for veterans in trouble with the law.

Julie DeStefano - independant film maker who has documented the problems facing our women warriors.

Karen Jordan - of the University of Akron, located in Northeast Ohio, works with vets and their families to find their way back home together.

Marsha - was the all American girl, but dependence on prescription drugs led to heroine and a life of broken promises and dreams until she was ready accept help.

Marti MacGibbon - standup comedian and author. Through her stage act and book ʺNever Give In To Fearʺ, she tells her story of recovery from drugs, alcohol, and surviving the sex trade. She does it with humor and grace.

Michael - his drug addiction was one bad habit that led to many others. Through court ordered intervention, he got clean and rediscovered good habits to help him stay clean.

Mike Doughty - singer/songwriter and recovering alcoholic and adtict, shares how he feels now that he's been clean and sober for over a decade.

Nicole Ballerini - an alcohol and drug therapist who is also in recovery. She offers a clear description of addiction.

Paul Barrere - guitarist and singer of Little Feat. His first challenge to recovery was to overcome his fear that by getting clean and sober, he would lose is creativity and talent.

Percy Mensies - president of Assisted Recovery Centers of American in St. Louis, MO.


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