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The Rock and Recovery™ Scholarship is named after our departed colleague and friend, Jim Chenot - whose gentle spirit guides our philanthropy and strength in mission. The “Jim Chenot Rock and Recovery™ Scholarship” in support of Akron Public Schools seniors, raising awareness for recovery, addiction, trauma, and mental health disruptions.


Scholarship applicants are asked to consider the experiences of someone they know or love someone who has been impacted by substance abuse, addiction or mental health challenge--or their own personal experiences. The application process invites students to share their recovery stories in the form of essays, poetry, original songs, or one-dimensional works of art on paper. 


As required by the unique application process, each student submits a creative work depicting their personal experiences with addiction, substance abuse and mental health hurdles, including essays, a poem and a painting. Scholarships will be applied to tuition, books or related fees at the institutes of higher education they will attend this fall.

The scholarship process opens in November, and award recipients are celebrated in the spring at a private reception held at the radio station. 

Scholarship Entry Guidelines: CLICK HERE

Scholarship Application: CLICK HERE